COMPUTER 2000: One-Stop-Shop for Cybersecurity

Even as organizations burn the midnight oil to curb the security menace, security breaches continue unabated. With recent statistics pointing toward a rise in targeted cyber threats, security is a matter of grave concern for organizations across industries. In today’s digital era, investing in the right security solution is paramount to fortify critical organizational assets.

“Our main goal is to provide complete IT security solutions,” says Anelia Kostadinova, general manager of COMPUTER 2000. “We pride in our ability to offer solutions that are a direct answer to our customer’s needs; solutions that can adapt to the customer’s IT environment for a safe and seamless business operation without interruptions.”

COMPUTER 2000, one of the leading distributors for security solutions, hardware, and technology in the Balkan region, has been delivering an end-to-end portfolio of solutions and services in cybersecurity. Being aware of the effects of inadmissible cyber intrusions on information access and business data, COMPUTER 2000 distributes a range of solutions, including endpoint security, email security, and network security. The company represents solutions of leading IT vendors and provides professional pre-sales, post-sales marketing, and technical support for partners and customers. Established in 1995, COMPUTER 2000 has close to two decades of leading cybersecurity market presence.

With its incredible business strategy and customer service, COMPUTER 2000 has been recognized as one of the most successful distributors of FireEye, a cybersecurity company dedicated to providing a comprehensive cyber threat defense. “FireEye aspires to be the best security company in the world by bringing together people and technology to form the most powerful innovation cycle in the security space,” says Anelia. “This brings to fruition our vision of bringing state-of-the-art technology to the market.”

Anelia reflects on their journey where they successfully persuaded one of the biggest system integrators in Bulgaria to add FireEye’s products to its portfolio.

Our main goal is to provide complete IT security solutions

Apart from the certification training given from the vendor side, COMPUTER 2000 personally trained the client to utilize FireEye’s products to its fullest potential. To support the clients throughout their partnership lifecycle, COMPUTER 2000 invests time and effort in the technical education of their clients about FireEye. By working together with them in the implementation and execution of the solution, COMPUTER 2000 ensures that their end customers have the best-in-class protection against all threats, including zero-day attacks.

“Our value-added services enable our partners to work efficiently and actively support the diverse technology needs of end-customers in the Balkan region,” remarks Anelia. COMPUTER 2000 hosts InfoSec SEE, an annual information security conference aimed at spreading the knowledge about the technology and the solutions to a broader section of the people. With a predominant focus on government organizations, the company’s agenda is to provide participants with free access to the latest technologies and key insights.

COMPUTER 2000 aims to be the leader of the region in value-added services and top-of-the-line distributor of IT security services. “We work effectively as a team, with sound technical know-how and anchored on work ethics and integrity while upholding a customer-first approach,” states Anelia. With aspirations of helping new vendors be heard and attain new heights in the market, COMPUTER 2000 has plans to expand into other markets and make their services available to much more benefactors. Currently serving the government and enterprise sector, the company seeks to work with all promising industries in the future.


Sofia, Bulgaria

Anelia Kostadinova, General Manager